This post was originally published on my old blog.

Regular practice is one of the cornerstones of an effective magical life and path. I used to struggle with it a lot when I was still new to these things and I think I underestimated its importance subconsciously. Over the last few years, my regular practice has expanded and I maintain it more consistently. The degree of improvement in my skills, my spiritual sensitivity, and my relationships with my Gods and Spirits has been staggering thanks to regular practice!

As part of my regular devotionals, I perform a simple offering ritual to my Gods. Feeding the Gods and Spirits is paramount in a living, evolving, and thriving religion like the Triskelion; the influences of my Hellenic polytheism and animism are undeniably present in this concept.

 The ritual itself is performed on a weekly basis. The process is quite simple: once per week, usually on Mondays, I place on the altar a bowl of grain (barley or wheat usually) with herbs, a beeswax candle, and a cup of water (replaced daily). The herbs are specific to the religious calendar period we’re in at the time or, if I’m performing special work that week, the herbs are associated with the work at hand. The beeswax candle is lit during devotional prayers every day and extinguished afterwards to avoid fire hazards. I start the ritual with the Orphic Hymn to Hekate and continue with personally crafted prayers to the Wildwood Court and the Witchfather. The bowl of grain & herbs and the cup of water are presented and their purpose proclaimed. After that, I take a few moments to focus and spiritually open myself to any potential messages from the Gods as well as to ensure the offerings have been well received (a very simple divination afterwards is performed to double-check). Finally, I give thanks to the Gods and end the ritual. Also, when replacing the water daily, I say a small prayer to accompany the renewed offering.