The Greek Witch

Witchcraft, folk magic, polytheistic theology, and mysticism.


Chelydoreus is a witch and polytheist from Athens, Greece with over 18 years of experience in magic and religion.

He is a devotee of Hekate, the Wildwood Court, and the Witchfather. His primary religious practice lies within the umbrella of esoteric Mediterranean polytheism, with a focus on Hellenic traditions, in addition to culturally neutral spirit-work and magic expressed through his personal system called “The Triskelion Path”. He is the creator of the Equine Serpent.

In addition, Chelydoreus is a theologian and writer exploring polytheistic theology, mysticism, witchcraft and folk magic, as well as various other fields of occult practice and belief. This site also serves as a way to offer his spiritual services and showcase various writings and projects.

Appearances and Interviews:

“The NEW Mystery Tradition” – Interview on the “Around Grandfather Fire” podcast 

“Hekate Part One” and “Hekate Part Two” – Live discussion on Banexbramble‘s Instagram

“Hekate Revisited” – Live discussion on Banexbramble’s Instagram

“The Mysteries of Hekate-Despoina” – Presentation at the 2022 Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival

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