The Greek Witch

Witchcraft, folk magic, polytheistic theology, and mysticism.


I offer a variety of divination services, mainly in the form of readings. The types of divination I offer are:

Card readings with the Wildwood Tarot deck or the Deste card deck.

Cleromancy readings with the Crossroads Oracle, a set of symbolic objects (similar to bone throwing readings) consecrated to Hekate.

The Serpent-Girdled Oracle, which is a ritual divination performed in trance-induced possession by Hekate.


All readings are done through e-mail or personal message correspondence on Twitter OR through a Zoom session if you would prefer that, with the exception of the Serpent-Girdled Oracle, which I am not allowed to record on camera and therefore is only available through written correspondence.

Once you e-mail or message me to book a reading, we will discuss the request or question (depending on the type of reading). I require only the most basic of information, often just the question itself, so as to avoid “cold readings” or accidental influences on the divination itself.

You will be e-mailed a PDF with the reading and its interpretation after it is concluded (this applies to all kinds of readings).

All payment is upfront for security reasons.

If I cannot do the reading on the appointed time (for a Zoom session) or until the deadline (for written correspondence), you will get a full refund.

If you miss the Zoom session* or fail to reply to my e-mails or messages for over 4 days, you will be refunded HALF the cost. My time is valuable and limited and I thank you for understanding that.

*If you inform me ahead of time of your inability to attend the session, we can reschedule. Only one such change is permitted; if you miss that one too, you’ll get the half refund.

I retain the right to refuse any reading.

To book a reading through e-mail
right-click the button below to copy
the e-mail address or click on it
to open your e-mail app.

To book a reading through Twitter,
click the button below to reach
my profile and message me on Twitter.


Basic Reading
Simple card spread, 30 minute session

USD $20

Intermediate Reading
Greater card spread, 45 minute session

USD $25

Full Reading
Complex card spread, 60 minute session

USD $30


Simple Reading
Normal spread, 35 minute session

USD $20

Advanced Reading
Complex spread, 50 minute session

USD $27


Olympic Path Reading
An exploration of your spiritual path and direction
40 minute session

USD $45

Devotional Insight Reading
An exploration of your connections and relationships to Gods and Spirits
45 minute session

USD $50

Three Worlds Reading
A comprehensive overview of your life, spirituality, connections, and unseen guidance
60 minute session

USD $60

I am also open to custom readings if the types listed above don’t cover the kind of issue you’d like to explore. Message or e-mail me and we can figure out what approach works best for your situation!


A complex divination involving trance-induced possession by Hekate in Her historical aspects as Soteira, Kleidoukhos, and Pyrphoros as well as Her Triskelion-specific mystical aspects of Mantis Asteroessa, Potnia Thesphatelogos, and Kledon Speirodrakontozonos. This oracular service ought to only be requested for serious questions pertaining to life-altering decisions or similar matters. It is an intense and difficult ritual and not one that should be performed lightly, when other methods would suffice. For that reason, it is only offered for a short period of time on limited occasions throughout the year.


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