The Greek Witch

Witchcraft, folk magic, polytheistic theology, and mysticism.

Consultations & Writing Commissions

In addition to divination and magical services, I also offer specialized writing commissions; specifically, religious consultations and personalized research articles.

Religious Consultations 

Price:  USD 35

These are 45-minute long sessions, either via Zoom or e-mail correspondence, including a PDF with relevant information and resources, on a religious topic or need you have. As a polytheistic theologian and long-time devotee, I am able to help you with a number of different subjects including Hellenic polytheism, witchcraft, theurgy, theology, spirit-work, devotional matters, and ancient history. Absolutely no medical or psychological matters please; these should only be addressed by licensed medical experts.

Writing Commissions


Up to 1000 words:

USD 10

Up to 3000 words:

USD 20

Up to 5000 words:

USD 30

You can commission me to research and write an article for your private use alone on any topic within my fields of expertise (see the description of Religious Consultations). The cost of these commissions depends on the length of the article.

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